In the tail end of the year 1999, the Y2K scare was a lot more accurate than anyone could have guessed. The biggest problems being that it was a lot more than just a glitch. There seemed to be a virus attacking many different servers and databases, that had very sensitive information and was releasing it to general public at a very rapid rate. Not only was this virus releasing this highly sensitive information, but it was also permanently destroying any computerized system that it released information from, by altering its base code and actually some how magnetizing its storage drives. As soon as January first had hit, so many computerized systems had failed, no one could keep up with the updates to the systems anymore, and the world wide network and internet had been dropped and left by the way side. Only a few short months later, on news broadcasts across the world, many strange images, videos, and recorded conversations were leaked claiming to be proof of the existence of super natural beings such as vampires, werewolves, ghosts, mages, and the like.

Fall of Echoes